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Instant payments to bank cards

Zero implementation costs

Save on costs

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SOLAR STAFF allows paying freelancers to Visa and MasterCard bank cards in all countries using these payment systems. Payments are made in Euros worldwide and in Russian Rubles to bank cards issued by Russian banks. Freelancers from CIS countries can also receive their fees to the popular QIWI e-wallets.

Mass payments

Your team only

Secure. Always

One-click copyright assignment


Grow your business – reduce costs

We save you money and time when you work with freelancers. Now you can do far more on the same budget.

More freelancers – less paperwork

One agreement with us and that's it! All remaining paperwork is our responsibility. Less paper is better for the environment :)

Copyright is all yours!

We transfer copyright from the contractor to you with official reporting documents. It is legally effective and easier than you think.

International company

Offices in several European countries. Agreements with international payment systems. Work quality standards.

For companies and individuals

Are you a big company or a small team?
We have the solution to meet your needs.

Handy planner

Create tasks, group and edit them, plan payments, view statistics – do it all in one user-friendly planner.

Your team is truly yours

We are not a freelancer marketplace. Your team is visible to you only. Invite your tried-and-true freelancers to join SOLAR STAFF and work with the team you can trust.


finished tasks

Since we launched SOLAR STAFF, freelancers completed - and were paid for - thousands of our customers' tasks. The numbers say it all :)


budget savings

SOLAR STAFF prevents overhead to your departmental budget. That's why you may smartly save your costs and concentrate on your business than on the paper work.


Teams already working

Big freelancer teams and small teams of friends find our service very useful. If you are a freelancer, join us now and try us out!

Integration with your web service

SOLAR STAFF is ready to be integrated with your online service via API, including integration of functionality for making payments to freelancers. Our API is already in use by many partner marketing networks - integration via API helps them make mass payments to webmasters for advertising services with ease.

Our Rates


With total payments of
< 2.5 mln RUB / month


What is this site? How does it work? SOLAR STAFF is the online service for managing remote teams, freelancers and webmasters. We help companies optimize their work with remote contractors and freelancers wherever they are.
Do I need to sign agreements with each and every freelancer? No, there is no need to do that. Freelancers only need to read and accept the terms of the offer agreement when they sign up with the service. Acceptance of the offer agreement equals executing a plain written contract.
How is transfer of copyright to the work results documented? All tasks requiring assignment of copyright to work result(s) involve providing our customers with detailed accounting documents upon completion of work. During sign-up the contractor agrees with the offer agreement which regulates the procedure for assignment to SOLAR STAFF of exclusive rights to the results of completed works. Under your agreement with us, upon your payment for the completed task the exclusive copyright is assigned to the customer - that is, you or your company, and the relevant record will appear in the task completion document for the accounting period.
How safe is it for freelancers to provide bank card details? All transactions are protected with MasterCard Secret Code, SSL and PCI DSS technologies. These data protection technologies are the most secure and are used by major online stores and booking services.
Can payments be made to e-wallets as well as bank cards? We currently work with QIWI and can make payments to QIWI wallets of our users located in CIS countries.


Upon completion of this form you can commence working in SOLAR STAFF right away!


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